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      Champagne capsules


The birth of "Artefact"

The series “Art A Fact” included the design of the first golden capsule for the Christophe Champagne House from Colombé-Le-Sec in France. At the next cuvées, Artefact underwent a metamorphosis and became a mysterious little creature.

The golden capsule edition is limited to 300 units. The others are manufactured in a coloured-metal version.

I published the drawing in an edition that would symbolise my age.  Glasses with the “Artefact” image are also available.

The second and subsequent golden capsules were designed for the Jean-Yves de Carlini Champagne House in Verzenay, France.

To view more designs and photos of the capsule, go to my Gallery, and the section “Champagne Capsules”.

Purchase information

Prices and the name of the creation feature in the “Directory of plaques Muselets du Champagne, Lambert”.


           Champagne Jean-Yves de Carlini is available at the following addresses:

        -  Rue de Mailly 13, 51360 Verzenay, France (Tel. 0033/ 326494391)

        -  At Remue Ivan:

           Smeekolenstraat 4, 9820 Merelbeke, Ghent, Belgium

           Mobile: (+32) (0) 475-90 69 40

        -  Singel 11, 8200 St. Andries, Bruges, Belgium

           Tel. (+32)-(0) 50-49 07 88 , Please notify in advance!





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