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Vivi's Taste:  "De Seizoenschoen", by Sensiboot

Vivi's Taste:  De Seizoenschoen:  [The Season Shoe], by Sensiboot

In 2013 the shoes were manufactured by Sensiboot based on this prototype (2009-2010). They were then also tested for durability, comfort, water-resistance, etc. for a period of six months. I evaluated the results along with Sensiboot in March of 2013. A second model was made with modifications to improve the stability of the shoe. The third and final model was released in March of 2016.

The shoe will be tailor-made for the client, as per the original model, crafted with only top-quality leather. The two upper parts make three different shoes, one for each season: normal shoe, high boot and three-quarter boot.

You decide the type of leather, colour and thickness of the sole. If you want a shoe without the decorative element or in a simple colour: anything is possible. The choice is yours, with the zipper element, of course, remaining intact.

The price is dependent on the type of leather and decorative elements you desire. They are bespoke shoes.  There are a number of trade fairs in France where you can visit Sensiboot and select the model you want. You can even discuss the shoes and your requirements with the shoemaker. If you order through the Sensiboot online shop, an application is available that allows you to take proper measurements of your feet and lower legs. These precise measurements are very important. Make sure you clearly indicate that this is for the “Seasons Shoe”.

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